Never content to limit himself to just living the one life he was given, Skylar has always been drawn to the performing arts, and frequently put on impromptu plays for family members as a child. That said, he got his first real taste of the stage as Lucifer in his junior high school production of Doctor Faustus, a role that he adamantly insists does not accurately reflect his true personality. least not entirely.


As time passed, Skylar continued to pursue his love of theater, but also started to discover a new passion--voice acting. He joined the Voice Acting Alliance website in 2007 and began to hone his skills in numerous online productions. It was during his years on the VAA that he had the good fortune of being able to work with many of today's top "up and coming" voiceover professionals in animation and video games. Ultimately, these ventures led him to Nakamoto Productions in Sacramento, where he gained valuable training and experience in local projects before relocating to Los Angeles in 2016.


When not acting, Skylar is a voracious reader--particularly of fantasy, sci-fi, and world mythology--as well as an avid gamer (he especially loves himself some Pokemon).